The Sturge Group is pleased to announce the introduction of the Sturge 29+Gold and Sturge 29+Silver ranges of infection control ball chains, made from solid antimicrobial copper. Copper is a powerful antimicrobial with rapid, broad-spectrum efficacy against bacteria and viruses. It shares this benefit with a range of copper alloys – such as brasses and bronzes – forming a family of materials collectively called ‘antimicrobial copper’ n 2013, a multi-site US clinical trial – funded by the Department of Defense – demonstrated that replacing just six frequently-touched surfaces around an intensive care unit patient with antimicrobial copper equivalents reduced bioburden by 83% and lowered the risk of acquiring a healthcare-associated infection by 58%. The Sturge Group now adds blind control chain, light-pulls, securing tags and other products to the list of touch surfaces available in antimicrobial copper.

Chains with welded links, studless
  • Blind chain
  • Ball Chain
  • Bead chain