The product description 1.Product name: nanometer antimony tin oxide 2.English name: Antimony Tin Oxide 3.Nano ATO (antimony doped tin oxide) powder because of its high conductivity and transparency, light color has a broad application prospect in many fields, is developing rapidly in recent years a new type of functional materials; 4.Conductivity:evenly distributed interaction of conductive nanometer particles form conductive film, conductive film charge in the mobile and can realize high transmittance and antistatic effect; 5.Transparency:nano ATO utrasmall particle to visible light (380 nm to 780 nm) absorption rate is extremely weak, and consists of scattering particles with difficulty to visible light, so has high transparency; 6.Thermal insulation: nano ATO superfine particles can reflect or absorb near-infrared (1000 nm to 2500 nm), in order to achieve the purpose of insulation;

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