Anti-vibration Wooden Batten

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Anti vibration battens are used in construction of thin wood frame soundproofing systems for saving space in rooms. Specially designed vibration isolation fasteners together with the glass fibre damping layer prevent the transmission of structure borne noise from wall bases to facing structures, thus improving the soundproofing performance of the entire system. Application WallWall CeilingCeiling Composition sanded plywood vibration isolation glass fibre mat rubber isolation block metal washer

Wood treatment products
  • Anti-vibration Wooden
  • Anti-vibration Batten
  • Anti-vibration Ceiling

Product features

Length, mm 1500
Width, mm 50
Thickness, mm 26
Weight, kg 1.1
Packing Type briquette
No. of Battens per Briquette, pcs 6
Briquette Size, LxWxH, mm 1510 x 110 x 80
Briquette Weight, kg 6.8
Package Volume, m3 0.012
Euro Trailer Loading Capacity, briquettes 3200

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