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Gas storage systems by Lipp have been successfully installed in more than 300 projects in Germany and worldwide. The gas storage capacity extends from 30 to 5,000 m³. The gas resistant PVC gas holder is protected by a galvanised steel cylinder. The self supporting roof is made of 1.4301 high grade stainless steel. The Lipp gas holder is offered as a complete system, including sensors and built in parts as well as steel construction, and can be easily integrated into an existing system. The main area of application of the Lipp gas holder is municipal waste water treatment plants and landfills which want to balance out fluctuations in gas production and at the same time need a buffer store for possible downtimes. A further gas holder may also be of interest for direct marketing of biogas, where feed in at certain times is necessary. The Lipp gas holder is especially attractive when considering the fact that electricity cannot be stored. But (bio) gas, which is used for power generation

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