Applications for pad printing and laser marking

Cross-industry solutions for product decoration and labeling.


Without the pad printing process, the production of everyday objects such as decorated light alloy wheels, or even vital items such as insulin pens would not be easily possible. In doing so, TAMPOPRINT develops and works on process printing solutions across industry boundaries. Thus, there is no such thing as the typical TAMPOPRINT customer or the typical application. Rather, the fields of application are characterized by their diversity, their complexity and their individual characteristics. They range from the simpler printing of toys such as model trains, to the labeling of household appliances and beverage bottles, to highly complex processes such as the micrometer-accurate labeling of medical products, e.g. insulin pens and laboratory tubes. Even the particularly challenging direct application of active pharmaceutical ingredients onto a carrier material, such as in nicotine patches, can be implemented thanks to the TAMPOPRINT solutions.

Pad printing
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