LA-BO - gentile Blow-On Applicator for ALX Print and Apply & ALS Labeling Solutions (ALS 20x, ALS 256, ALS 306, ALX 73x and ALX 92x): • Non-contact labeling of sensitive products • Pivoting applicator allows comfortable material change • Sliding bars enable fast and easy setting of label size • Easy attachment with model-specific mounting plates • Minimal wear means minimal maintenance

Labelling machines
  • labeling
  • labeling solution
  • applicator

Product features

Type of labelstock Self-adhesive, die cutted, film material
Label width 30 - 100 mm
Label length 30 - 100 mm
Apply Accuracy In general max. +/- 1mm
Apply direction to product Top, bottom or side of product
Weight 3.5 kg
Air supply 4-6 bar, dry and clean
Operating temperature 5°- 40°C
Noise level 82 dB during blowcycle
Protection class IP 21
Standards CE certified

Additional product literature

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