Apron CPE

gown of high quality CPE (Cast Polyethylene).


The CPE gown is made of high quality CPE (Cast Polyethylene). Cast polyethylene is a plastic to which chlorine has been added, making the material very durable and waterproof. The CPE gown is perfect as infection protection and prevention against contaminated liquids. The CPE gown is also perfect as a universal examination gown. PROPERTIES Absolutely liquid-proof, also against infectious agents Ties at the back, easy to put on and take off For single use PRODUCT INFORMATION Material: Cast Polyethylene (CPE) Size: 117cm x 70cm PRODUCT VARIANTS Standard: My-strength: 30 Colour: Blue Other variants My-strength: 15, 60, 80 Colour: White Size: different sizes available on request The aprons are suitable for many areas of daily life - e.g. areas with hygiene regulations, kitchens in public organisations. In particular, the disposable apron is used for the protection of staff and patients. The disposable aprons are similar in shape to a conventional kitchen apron.

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