Rehydration agent in conditions of fluid and salts losses


AquaTonic Package: 230 and 770 g aluminum foil packages. Producer: Biocom Ltd., Republic of Belarus Composition: AquaTonic rehydration efficiency provided by the effects of particular ingredients that regulate the function of the cardiovascular, nervous and excretory systems. Sodium cations and potassium ions cause the volume and osmolality of extracellular fluid, prevent paresis and paralysis. Aminoacetic acid improves metabolic processes, accelerates the regeneration of the intestinal villi; also it has a sedative effect, antioxidant and detoxifying action. In the decay of glucose a significant amount of energy is allocated which is necessary the implementation of all functions of the body. Recommendations for use: AquaTonic is a complex of salts which stabilize fluid and electrolyte balance effectively and also normalize acid-base balance. Monosaccharides which are included in the composition compensate energy deficit.

Feeds for animal farming
  • complex of salts
  • fluid and electrolyte balance
  • acid-base balance
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