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Aquaculture OX

No algae and maximum oxygen for the fish


The system provides an innovative approach to cleaning and revitalizing fish farm by cost-effectively increasing DO (dissolved oxygen) and clarifying the water. The DO generated is in the form of ionic oxygen and is relatively stable in water (as opposed to O2 which is gaseous). Ionic oxygen is readily assimilated by organisms. Microbial activity and enzyme production can be greatly increased with elevated and ionic oxygen. The benefits of the EzOx system are: More oxygen, reduced bottom accumulation by enhanced aerobic microbial digestion and enzyme production, reduced turbidity, colour, and odor of the water. Normally the system will maintain an environment which is free of viruses and bacteria; The system can be programmed from a distance for specific emergency requirements. Algae: Phosphorus and Nitrate are eliminated by the process of transmutation. Therefore without nutrients the algae has nothing to feed on and can't survive.