Aritherm is a new generation insulation material produced in batt and panel form. It is made of thermally bonded layers of polyester fibers of high durability resulting in an exceptional combination of characteristics: □ thermal insulation □ acoustic insulation □ fire resistant □ wall transpiration □ life lasting There is no use of chemical glues for its production thanks to its innovative technology. Its composition of polyester fibers ensures no performance or dimensional changes from the thermal and hygrometric environmental changes. Offers both thermal and acoustic insulation in drywall partitions, walls, underfloors and ceilings.

Thermal insulation materials
  • building insulation
  • foundation insulation
  • acoustic insulation - materials

Product features

Thermal Insulation (λ) 0,0327
Acoustic Insulation (aw) 0,80
Thickness 50 mm
Weight per cubic meter 18 kg / cbm
Batt Dimensions 15 running m x 0,60 m width
Packaging 2 rolls - 18 sqm / package

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Aritherm Insulation Batt Installation