ArmaSound RD - Acoustic Products


HIGH PERFORMANCE ACOUSTIC INSULATION FOR A QUIETER ENVIRONMENT ArmaSound RD is a versatile acoustic absorber designed for use in a variety of different acoustic applications. A high performance sound absorber which also offers additional barrier (transmission loss) performance and both vibration damping and de-coupling (isolation) properties. Delivering optimal performance at lower thicknesses than traditional materials, ArmaSound RD is a uniquely advanced open cell acoustic insulation material. Depending on the thickness chosen, ArmaSound RD240 offers excellent sound absorption behaviour across the frequency range. With a density much greater than traditional acoustic absorption materials, ArmaSound RD is also suitable for some applications that may also call for an acoustic airborne noise barrier. ArmaSound RD provides a dust and fibre free solution that is suitable for use in a range of demanding environments. The adhesive for superior Armaflex® system reliability