Armaflex DuoSolar

Technical Insulation


THE PATENTED EASY-TO-INSTALL, PRE-INSULATED PIPING SYSTEM FOR EFFICIENCY IN SOLAR HOT WATER APPLICATIONS Armaflex DuoSolar is a system solution with pre-insulated feed and return pipe for solar hot water applications. Armaflex DuoSolar is used to connect the solar panel with the thermal storage water heater in an easy and professional way. It optimises thermal efficiency of the entire system and increases life time expectancy of the installation. Thanks to the pre-insulation, the patented join split connection system of the feed and return pipe and the integrated sensor cable, Armaflex DuoSolar saves time and lowers assembly costs. Armaflex DuoSolar, presented in continuous coils to reduce waste material, comes with a complete range of accessories to ensure a smooth & secure installation. The flexible expert for increased efficiency in high temperature applications

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