Armaflex Protect

Fire Safety


THE ALL-IN-ONE FLEXIBLE FIRE BARRIER FOR CONDENSATION CONTROL MATCHING ARMAFLEX AT PIPE PENETRATIONS With the new Armaflex Protect penetrations for both non-combustible and combustible pipes can be sealed off more simply than ever before. Whether in ceilings, solid walls or lightweight walls, Armaflex Protect guarantees reliable fire protection in all structural elements without any complicated additional measures. When Armaflex Protect is used, the gap around the pipework can be closed with conventional mortar/filler. So there is nothing to stand in the way of a smooth-running building process. Due to its intumescent effect in the event of a fire, the new Armaflex Protect can be used to securely seal off penetrations not only for copper, steel, stainless steel and cast iron pipework but also for combustible supply pipes such as multilayer composite pipes, PE, PE-HD, PP or PVC pipes. Armaflex Protect is a system component working with all Armaflex elastomeric insulation materials...

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