Armaflex RS850 Adhesive



THE DRIP-FREE ADHESIVE FOR FASTER AND CLEANER APPLICATION OF ARMAFLEX ® The non-drip, contact adhesive Armaflex RS850 can be applied more quickly and cleanly than standard products. This thixotropic, gel-like adhesive is not stirred and is highly viscous. As it only releases minimal quantities of solvents when idle, the Armaflex RS850 adhesive is particularly suitable for installations in workshops and confined spaces. The onecomponent adhesive can be used for service temperatures between -40 and +70 °C. Compared to standard products, it also has an extended shelf life and can be stored for 3 years respectively. All Armaflex products (except HT/Armaflex and Armaflex Ultima) can be installed using the Armaflex RS850 adhesive. The new Armaflex adhesive is the result of intense research and development work and has been subjected to numerous application tests. It is the perfect addition to the tried-and-tested Armaflex 520 and Armaflex HT625 adhesives. The protective halogen-free...

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