Armaflex Rail - Technical Insulation


THE WORLD'S FIRST CLOSED-CELL INSULATION TO MEET EN 45545-2 FIRE PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS Highly-flexible, closed-cell insulation foam with improved fire retardant properties, low smoke generation and in-built Microban ® antimicrobial protection for railway vehicles. Armaflex Rail SD The first closed cell insulation for increased people & fire safety in railway vehicles. Armaflex Rail SD-C The first closed-cell insulation material for use in areas requiring the highest hazard level – HL3. Armaflex Rail ZH The first halogen-free, closed-cell insulation material to achieve the classification HL2, R1 under EN 45545. Armaflex Rail ZH-C The first halogen-free, closed-cell insulation material for applications with the highest requirements regarding the materials used. The adhesive for superior Armaflex® system reliability