Arolux PEKK: Thermoformable amorphous ketone thin sheets - First amorphous thermoformable ketone material into semi-crystalline shapes

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An innovative techno-material combination for aero / defense / rail parts: With a resin manufacturing partner, Arkema, we have succeeded in extruding sheets in an amorphous state (PEKK material already qualified for aerospace) which crystallizes during thermoforming. The fact that the plates are amorphous allows thermoforming deformation and then crystallization offers all the thermal / mechanical / chemical properties of an ultra high performance polymer. Value proposition: advance in the replacement of metal parts / reduce process costs for machined PEEK parts / open the door to the manufacture of large parts (aircraft interior, drones, defense systems, railways, electrical boxes, ducting systems, etc. )

Product information

Glass Transition Temperature (Tg)
Melting point
Tensile strength (ISO 527-1BA)
Use Temperature
165 °C maintaining high mechanical resistance and > 240°C in continuous use
Flammability rating
UL94 V-0 / EN45545 R22/R23: HL3 (EU railway standard)
Heat release rate FAR 25.853
Oxygen limit index
35-38 %O2
Chemical resistance
disinfectant / ethanol / MEK / Jet A fuel / toluene / LD-4 : all 1 week @ 23°C - no effect.