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Lavender – Ylang Ylang
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Lavender Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil are one of the most special essential oils. Both nourish both the soul and the skin with their unique scents. Lavender Oil is known not only for its calming effect but also for reducing brown spots on the skin. It also keeps mosquitoes away from you. One or two drops of Lavender Oil that you drip on your pillow will provide you with a sound sleep. The use of Ylang Ylang Oil goes back centuries. Maluku natives used Ylang Ylang oil to create aphrodisiac scents, mixed with coconut and kurkuma flowers to reduce fever. They also made ointments that they use in body and hair care with this magnificent plant. With the fragrance carried to Europe, especially after the First World War, Ylang Ylang became one of the indispensable components of women's perfumes. Ylang Ylang Oil relieves mental disorders such as anxiety and depression with its scent. It relieves mosquito wounds, redness and itching as soon as possible.

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35535 Izmir - Turkey