The RS020N from Kawasaki Robot is a medium duty industrial robot specifically used for industrial applications like assembling, dispensing, material handling, and welding. Its compact, and lightweight design is constructed out of durable materials with a protection class of IP65, and its wrist has a protection class of IP67. It has a maximum horizontal reach of 1,725 mm and a maximum horizontal reach of 3,078 mm. It also has a maximum speed of 11,500 mm/s, a repeatability of ±0.05 mm and a maximum payload of 20 kg. The compact design and industry-leading speed, reach and working range make the R Series robots ideal for a wide range of applications in a wide variety of industries. The brand new R-Series robots typically set the standard for all these small to medium industrial robots. The compact design and style as well as the managerial speed and work selection make the R-Series robots ideal for many applications in many different industries.

Automation - systems and equipment

Product features

Type articulated
Number of axes 6-axis
Function handling,for assembly,dispensing,loading
Other characteristics high-speed,compact,floor-mounted,ceiling-mount
Field industrial

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