Our Golf artificial grass products are manufactured to offer golfers the best choice of playing surfaces. Perfect for realistic driving. BOGEY is our entry level putting surface, with a pile of 13mm height, low directional pull from the monofilament polyethylene curled fibres of the yarn … BIRDIE is great putting surface, pile height of 12mm. It's very low directional pull is also gained from monofilament polyethylene curled fibres … EAGLE is our top of the range pro-putting surface, the 12mm pile has virtually no directional pull. This comes from the curled nylon yarn … STYMIE is a "TEE" turf, specially developed to support a golf ball on a tee. 36mm pile height and a realistic colour make this a favourite at driving ranges and for winter tees. All our products certificates are available for UV stability, colour fastness, fire safety testing, and SUDS (water permiability) compliance. All our grasses are free of lead and cadmium. ** Ask for a quote **

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