Aseptic Stainless Steel Ds-bm Filter Holders

Filter Holders


DSBM aseptic filter holders are intended for fine and sterilizing filtration of compressed air and gases in biopharmaceutical and other industries, where special requirements to the security of filtration are setFilter holders are designed for highly critical applications requiring high degree of treatment and durability of construction. Fully complete filter holders are intended for installation of single filter element 250 mm height with Dstructure with double radial sealing and bayonet fixture. Specially polished inner surfaces minimize adhesion of particles or microorganisms and their accumulation and increases sanitization effectiveness. The filter holder is equipped with an air bleed valve, a drain valve and a stainless steel pressure gauge. Standard filter holder is provided with a pressure gauge without the permeator

Filters, liquid
  • Aseptic Stainless
  • stainless steel
  • Dsbm Filter

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