Trendy, beautiful and original Astro keychains from France! Minty Alliage is a French wholesaler and is currently selling original and trendy Zodiac/Astro keychains. Minty Alliage was able to do good sells and noticed that the keychains are apprieciated by everyone: children, teenagers, adults, elders...A lot of parents bought the keychains for their newborns, other clients for themselves or their friends as a birthday gift. So as you can see Minty Alliage's Zodiac keychains interest a wide range of people. What's interesting is that since Minty Alliage's keychains are in French, it adds even more originality. If you are wholesaler/retailer living outside of France, for more information about payment (via Paypal only) and shipping, contact me at

Jewellery and bijouterie
  • zodiac
  • astrology
  • silver keychains


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