Atex Manual Pumps Equipped For Solvents

Manual Pump


Descriptive Construction materials • Body, cover and lever: cast iron • Inner mechanism: brass • Braid: PTFE • Suction: 3/4'' stainless steel pipe with 2” bung • Seal: flange O-ring made of Viton®. Optional PTFE seal (FAT_-PTFE) • Discharge pipe: stainless steel elbow fitting, 2 m cross-linked polyethylene hose (UPE) • Fitting: brass half-shells • Stainless steel quarter-turn valve with spout (FAT_SO version) • Manual delivery gun made of nickel-plated brass (FAT_SO2 version) Specifications and advantages: Bare or equipped manual pumps for the transfer of inflammable liquids and/or use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. • Products compliant with the ATEx standard 94/9 EC. • ATEx certificate no. iNERiS - EQEN 025625/12.”

  • Manual Pump
  • equipped manual pumps

Product features

Fluid Water, Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Solvents
Technology Barrel-Emptying, Semi-Rotary
Atex Yes
Pump Marking Ce Ii 2 Gd Iic T4 (Tf<120°C)
Pump Equipped
Pump Sets Kits Or Transferring Units
Max Flow Rate 0,9 M3/H - 1,3 M3/H - 2 M3/H
Materials Cast-Iron
Mechanism Brass
Suction 3/4'' Stainless Steel Pipe With 2” Bunghole
Applications Water, Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Alcohol, Toluene, Trichloroethylene, Acetone, White Spirit

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