Ball Fountain made of Atlantis, Lappland Green, Artic Green for garden and indoor area The floating ball turns horizontally and vertically Material Atlantis Monoliths or boulders refer to the Masi quarzites and are also known as Artic Green, Atlantic Green, Lofoten Green, Norwegian Green, Lapland Green, Suomi Green Monoliths MASI, NORWEGIAN GREEN, ATLANTIS, MASIKVARTSITT, Fuchsit. The country of origin for Atlantis Monoliths is Norway and Lappland near the artic circle. This very limited available nature stone impresses with its green-white structure. The mineral Fuchsit makes the stone sparkle. Every stone is unique and that makes the stone so popular. The material is weather-resistant and frost-proof. This noble ball testifies to a certain uniqueness. The Artic Green from northern Lapland used here is characterized by its particularly noble structure. The fuchsite particles sparkle in the sunlight and also in the evening when the fountain is illuminated. The ball can turn...

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