Atmospheric squeeze dropper systems


LIQUID Sub-cutaneous Atmospheric squeeze dropper systems Multidose Standardized application system to squeeze drops in a multiple use. The 100% control of the dropper guarantees the functionality. Furthermore, the tamper evident screw cap ensures the integrity of the product throughout the shelf life. Atmospheric container for pump application Multidose Although products seem to be widely established and standardized, there is always a chance for improvement. For example with the unique and patented cross section bottom design of the 10 ml, 20 ml and 30 ml HDPE bottle, suitable for 20 mm snap on pumps. System Benefits (B2B) Dip tube no longer touches the bottle during assembly of the pump Avoids line stops during pump assembly Consumer Convenience (B2C) Regularity of the residual volume NNo risk of malfunction due to bended dip tubes

  • pharmaceutical packaging

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