Audience at the Hare Pharaoh Product Num. : 26-0215-GR Scene description: The rabbit Pharaoh named Tut Ensch egg mun receives petitioners and hares from the people. Scope of delivery: 1 x Rabbit on stone Trhoň with pharaohs clothing 1 x Rabbit with palm fronds 1 x Bunny with tray and fruits 1 x Rabbit as Scribbler 1 x Rabbit bows 5 x transformer 230/24 Volt Figure size 75 cm (depending Figure 1-2 movements) Backstage: 2 x background backplane (120 cm wide 230 cm high) made of wood with polyurethane relief with Egyptian hieroglyphs. (Design changed about Easter) 1 x sunscreen of round wood with linen cloth

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