Audio and video translation. Apart from perfect language competence and translation expertise, audio and video translation also requires excellent listening comprehension attained through regular professional training and immersion in the linguistic culture. Stages of audio and video translation: 1. Evaluation. The case-by-case principle always applies, as the cost will depend on multiple factors, like recording quality, subject, noise, speaker lilt, etc. 2. Transcribing. Spoken content is transcribed into a text file, which is a much more convenient medium to work with. The transcript would be also helpful for captioning to further improve the popularity and sharing of your source file. Transcribing can be provided for audio and video files as a separate service apart from the translation. 3. Audio and video translation into the specified language. Upon request, we can add time codes (at specified intervals). Where necessary, we can help you with voice-overs.

Business interpreting
  • Audio translation
  • video translation
  • interpreting


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