Audion 720 MVMed - Vacuum Impulse Sealer



The Audion 720 MVMed is a powerful, stainless steel vacuum sealer equipped with a vacuum nozzle and bi-active sealing bars. This machine can be used for vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging. It is available in two versions; a standard model and a model for validated sealing. This has long been an important requirement for the medical and pharmaceutical markets, however it is now becoming a necessity for markets where trace ability and provenance are key drivers. Both versions are available with a sealing length of 520 mm, 720 mm or 1020 mm. These machines come equipped with a foot pedal option as standard. Advantages to using the Audion 720 MVMed Design is compact and allows for easy fitting into smaller work spaces Good price-quality ratio Heavy duty design Large sealing bar opening of 45 mm It is possible to turn off 1 sealing bar Easy to operate digital panel The MV is suitable for the production of vacuum and MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)