United Kingdom

Audion D552 AH & AHS

Continuous Heat Sealer


The Audion D552 AH continuous belt sealer is perfect for the sealing of flat bags conveniently and at speed. The height of the sealing unit can be adjusted to suit a free flowing momentum when sealing products in the bag. In addition it can be tilted up to 30 degrees to further support this. Its conveyor belt comes with a fixed rubber guide positioned on the inside to run along the track of the conveyor frame . This means that the belt always remains centrally places in the correct position. So there is no need to adjust it. The height of the conveyor belt can also be adjusted by up to 35mm separate from the sealing housing. Longer products can also be adapted to by pulling the frame out by up 70mm. The distance between the top of the bag and the machines seal is 40mm. What can I seal with Audion D552 AH & D552 AHS ? The D552 AH is suitable for sealing a wide variety of packaging materials. Including Polyethylene, polypropylene, cellophane, paper.

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment
  • automatic heat sealers
  • continuous band sealer
  • continuous belt sealer

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