The Audionvac VMS 163 is a large table top vacuum chamber machine. This model features a stainless steel chamber with a high transparency lid for easy viewing. What is a Vacuum Chamber? A vacuum chamber is a machine that removes air from a bag using a vacuum pump. Following the removal of air the bag is then sealed. There is a wide variety of models starting with small table top units through to extra large double chamber designs. Each VMS chamber is manufactured from stainless steel, whilst VM machines are constructed from aluminium. In every unit the cabinet itself is made from stainless steel. What are Vacuum Chambers used for ? There are many application for Vacuum Chambers. The primary being food.In addition to the ‘conserving’ effect created by a vacuum it is possible to add in inert gasses or a mixture of gasses. This results in a modified atmosphere that contains and preserves the food, thus avoiding damaging effects.

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