Dosing/Weighing: - 100% tare/gross weighing - 200 parameter sets can be stored in the recipe memory - Alternative volumetric or gravimetric positioning - Gross weight check - Identifying and adjusting for fluctuations in the bulk weight - High-precision positioning for constant filling weight/volume - Volumetric dosing with auger filler Design: - Can be designed as a monobloc combination with filling and sealing modules - Simple assembly (plug and play) - low installation costs - Good visibility and accessibility - Compact design with low space requirement - Compact design with integrated control cabinet - Products in contact with metal parts made of stain steel and/or food-grade plastic - Secure and sturdy mechanical system - Standard version with 1 working station - Standard version with up to 2 working stations - Few moving parts resulting in minimized sealing and maintenance costs

Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment

Product features

Dosing range: between 5 g and 30000 g
Format change time: max. 5 minutes
Basic measurements approx. (LxWxH): 110 mm x 750 mm x 2440 mm

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