This production line recycles copper and aluminum radiators disassembled from air conditioners and generators, and sorts out copper, iron, and aluminum. The material is first coarsely crushed by a broken machine, then finely crushed by two broken machines, pulverized into materials of about 3CM length, separated by iron separation, and then separated by two specific gravity sorting, and copper and aluminum are sorted. 1. The production line is developed by our company for many years. Our processing process has lower metal loss than the processing technology of European and American countries. It minimizes the number of times the material is broken, ensures the material is separated under the maximum state and reduces the metal powder. Produce and improve recycling efficiency. 2. A broken machine adopts two-axis roller design, which has low noise, large torque and can break a large volume of radiator. 3.

Granulation, plastics - machinery
  • radiators
  • metal scrap
  • Radium recycling

Product features

Two Shaft Shredder shredding the scrap radiator into strips
Infeed Conveyor Belt feeding shred strips to hammer mill
Hammer Mill Grinding strips to chips
Conveyor Belt feeding chips to wind selection device
Wind selection equipment separate aluminum from the mixed chips
Overbelt Magnet separation of liberated steel from the mixed chips
Conveyor Belt transport the mixed aluminum and copper to next device
Copper and alu separator separate out the copper from the aluminum
Central De-dusting Unit removes dust and fines from the system and filters the air before returning it to atmosphere

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Auto AC cooling radiator shredder recycling line and plastic work process

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