The AutoBlocker is for use in laboratories that edge and mount lenses into frames. All kind of lenses can be oriented and blocked according to the ink marks or the µ-engravings. Because the A&R AutoBlocker is task specific, and the system has a small footprint, you can easily integrate it into the lab. The AutoBlocker is an excellent investment for a modern lab with a rapid payback!

Medical and surgical optics - instruments
  • Blocling
  • Lens
  • finishing

Product features

Diameter  (via shape measurement) 50 to 80 mm
Max. power for positive axis for progr./bifo lenses +14 D
Min. power for negative axis for progr./bifo lenses -12 D
Cylinder 0 to 4.00 D
Max. power for positive axis for single vision lenses +8 D
Min. power for negative axis for single vision lenses -10 D
Cylinder axis (0.5 + 0.5/C), where C= Cyl value in D
O.C. error 0,04 cm/m
Accuracy of the block positioning system according to the reference marks (PAL’s) or to the calculat 0.25 mm along ‘X’and ‘Y’, 1° in rotation
135 jobs/hour (13,3 secs/lens) Film applicator convex side
Film applicator convex side Second pad dispenser
Second pad dispenser Second bowl feeder
Second bowl feeder Film applicator concave side
Film applicator concave side Laminar flow box
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