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Automated sandblasting machine

3015 Premium - for processing glass and mirrors

9500.00$ HT


Sandblasting machine APU-3015 Premium - automated sandblasting machine for matting and stenciling on glass or mirror. The movable cabin eliminates scratches on the back of the product. Special platforms are used for fixing workpieces, thanks to which the ends are not damaged. Amalgam breakdown is excluded during mirror processing as static electricity is removed. Thanks to this, number of defective goods is reduced which leads to the cost reduction. The built-in aspiration system is more convenient than external ventilation. Cartridge filters effectively purify the air and indoor air remains clean. All operating elements are designed for long-term operation. Silicone tooth belt with extended service life metal cord; gear reducers operate without additional maintenance; wear-resistant coating of the working chamber and shield. The self-developed ejector chamber eliminates droplet formation. All units are protected from abrasive material.

Glass and ceramic manufacturing - machinery and equipment
  • sandblasting machines for the building trade
  • glass sandblasting
  • glass cutting

Product features

Working area, mm 2500*1500
Productivity, m2/h Before 18
Ejector chamber, pcs 2
Control panel sensory
Multi-zone processing 10 zones
Air consumption, m3/min 1.2-1.4
Air pressure, MPa 0,6-0,8
Power, kW 2,2
Voltage and power system type 220 V, 1 phase
Overall dimensions, mm 4500*1800*2650
Weight, t 1,2

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