The Python model is the most common filling machine due to its versatility and flexibility to fit a wide range of products and packages. This filling machine designed to fill jars with thick products and liquids, such as: salads, honey, jam, creams and more. The machine is suitable for the food, cosmetics, chemicals and detergents industries. This machine works with hot products- up to 95°c/203°F, works with extremely thick products and with non-homogeneous products, including products that contains pulp, such as: : jams, confiture, salads and more. It is easy to clean and operate and has easy access to mechanisms. The PYTHON SERIES is available with different stations according to product's features and customers needs, such as: automatic jars feeding, thermo - seal unit, labeling stations, collecting table, etc.

Mechanical engineering - custom work
  • Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment
  • Food industry packaging machinery
  • jam packaging machine
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