Automatic Jerry cans Filling and Capping Line


The TITANIUM series was designed to give an automatic solution for filling and capping plastic and metal jerrycans. It is suitable for filling liquid products. Products' movement along workstations is done by a chain conveyor, powered by a SERVO motor. The products are pushed and stopped in precise locations. The TITANIUM series is easily adjusted to different jerry can sizes or shapes with no major changes in the system. It is very easy to operate and dismantle for everyday cleaning. The line is highly suitable for a wide range of industries, including: chemicals food, cosmetic and cleaning detergents industries. All models are available with a variety of stations according to customer's needs and demands, such as:1.Jerry can loading/unloading system 2. 1-6 filling nozzles 3. Injection unit with a diving spout for foamy liquids 4. Automatic caps feeder 5. Automatic capping 6. Labeling system 7. Induction sealing with foil on plastic Jerrycans

Mechanical engineering - custom work
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery
  • Packing and packaging - machinery and equipment
  • Food industry packaging machinery
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