Cavro™ XLP Modular Syringe Pump Glass Barrel: Borosilicate 3.3 Precision: <±1 % of the volume Front Fitting: 1/4"x28 UNF PTFE - Seal: - Chemically Resistant - Heavy Duty Syringes Plunger Part Volume Stroke Tip No. 50µl 60mm PTFE 2679611 100µl 60mm PTFE 2679711 250µl 60mm PTFE 2679811 500µl 60mm PTFE 2679911 1.0ml 60mm PTFE 2679011 2.5ml 60mm PTFE 2679031 5.0ml 60mm PTFE 2679051 10.0ml 60mm PTFE 2679071 25.0ml 60mm PTFE 2679091 PE - Seal: - Long Lifetime - Good resistance to strong buffers and other aqueous solution Plunger Part Volume Stroke Tip No. 50µl 60mm PE 2679613 100µl 60mm PE 2679713 250µl 60mm PE 2679813 500µl 60mm PE 2679913 1.0ml 60mm PE 2679015 2.5ml 60mm PE 2679035 5.0ml 60mm PE 2679075 10.0ml 60mm PE 2679095


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