Automatic bar shaping machine bar wiser 28

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Bidirectional automatic bar shaping machine from bar, with 2 bending heads for the production of shaped wires and cuttosize bars using wires up to Ø 28 mm (#8). Driven by digital electric servomotors. Bar Wiser 28 bar shaping machine is equipped with Max. pulling speed 180 m/min (600 ft/min) 2 bending units (upper and lower) Clamp for extraction of the end part of the bar Virtual mandrel Web Teleassistance Automatic loader Genius (Optional) Bar Wiser 28 Pack 0 Storage rack pneumatically operated.

  • Industrial cutting machine tools
  • Bar shaping
  • Shaping pulling

Product characteristics

Processed wire type
Single strand
1 Ø 8÷28 mm (#8)
Double strand
2 Ø 8÷20 mm (#6)
Pulling speed
180 m/min (600 ft/min)
Bending speed
Average power consumption
3 kWh

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61036 Colli Al Metauro - Italy