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Automatic high-performance washing & drying system - for the efficient cleaning of elastomers - in through-feed method


This automatic washing & drying system provides high efficient cleaning of elastomers in through-feed method (on option washing with de-ionized, de-mineralized or ultra-pure water possible). Starting from the loading station, the washing drums are conveyed automatically to each washing station (→ station pre-washing → station rinsing → station high pressure cleaning → station high pressure drying) and are finally conveyed to the unloading station after treatment. The dimensions of this system depend on the drum dimensions desired (perforation from 3 - 15 mm possible by choice). Set as our default, the models WD3, WD5 and WD9 are available with different sizes. For industry 4.0 demands, this system is best prepared. Standardwise, a monitoring of the processing data via network is possible also from an external working place. On option, the control of the machine via OPC-UA server can be installed additionally. Siliconisation or other coating of elastomers is possible on option.