Automatic Lace Crochet Machine Crochet machines are kind of variant narrow raschel warp knitting machine. Commonly used to weave lace, tassels, elastic and other narrow fabric warp knitting fabric. And our crochet machines are durable, high speed , mute, easy operation, convenient maintenance and etc. Machine of small, and use for yarn bobbin creel, thus transform variety is simple, suitable for small batch more varieties of production. Technical data Operation Space 24inch(610mm) Gauge 15/20 Weft Bar 8 Bars Standard equipment 2HP inverter 1 set Operating motor (1.5HP) 1unit Product collecting roller on both side 1set Warp and weft reed 1set Rubber feeder system 2sets Auto stop Motion system 2sets Size and weight of Machine Crate of machine 210*115*180/cm Crate of creel 250*40*45/cm Weight of machine and crate 1100KG Wight of creel and crate 235kgs Why choose us Credit Ocean was started in 2004 year and the centre of expertise and capacity. And we provide of...

Product features

Model COG612/B8
Place of Origin Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Operation Space 24inch610(mm)
Gauge 15/20
Weft Bars 8bars
Weight of Creel and Crate 235kg
Weight of Machine and Crate 1100kg
Crate of Creel 250*40*45/cm
Auto Stop Motion System 2sets
Rubber Feeder System 2sets
Warp and Weft Reed 1set
Operating Motor(1.5HP) 1 unit

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