Automatic seal supply systems

EKATO supply systems for safe and reliable operation of the mechanical seal.


"PRPDUCT DETAILS: The safe operation of the mechanical seal depends on the monitoring and control of the seal pressure system. Automatic supply systems thus guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the seal. A seal is considered technically tight when the pressure in the seal chamber is always higher than the vessel pressure. Therefore, the supply of seal liquid is of primary importance when it comes to safety. TASKS OF THE SEAL SUPPLY SYSTEM: - Pressure maintenace - Emergency supply - Cooling - Flushing FEATURES: - Automatic refilling and monitoring of the seal liquid - Ideal cooling of the mechanical seals by the cooling system – even at high process temperatures - Sufficient protection against contamination by the flushing system – also for special applications - Reliable operation of mechanical seals thanks to many years of experience with numerous supply systems - Permanent monitoring of all relevant system parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow and filling leve

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Product features

Pressure maintenance Cooling
Cooling Flushing
Flushing Refilling

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