Automatic straight seam welding machine

ProArc LS series


ProArc provides plug-and-play longitudinal seam welding machine for tubes, cylinders, vacuum components, water tanks, cones, flat sheets, etc. Advantages 1. Servo motor drive carriage and double linear guide way provides great precision of 0.05mm accuracy (0.002”). Motion speed reach to 2-16,000mm/min (1~640ipm). 2. Mandrel adopts with our special design copper backing-bar and copper clamper to dissipate heat quickly. 3.Strong machine structure provides large working capacity from thickness 0.1 to 10mm 4. Smart control box, you can get started quicker than you think with it. 5. High accuracy motion for laser welding standard. Welding process: All weldable metals by TIG, MIG, Plasma, Submerged arc welding and laser welding. *CE conformity.

Welding, electric - equipment and supplies
  • Longitudinal Seam
  • Seam Welder
  • Pressure vessels

Product features

Drive motor Servo motor
Thickness 0.1 - 10 mm
Welding length 684 - 3,724 mm
Workpiece min. dia. 67 - 311 mm
Workpiece max. dia. 850mm (option for increasing)
Travel accuracy ± 0.05 mm
Carriage speed 2 ~ 16,000 mm/min
Welding process TIG/MIG/Plasma/SubArc

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ProArc LS Longitudinal Seam welder

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