Sedir Automotive can supply following product ; "Metric & UNF" Hose Adapters Ball-and-socket Joint Elbow Blind Plugs Brake Bleeding Nozzle Brake Hose Adapters Conical Nuts (Brass) Double Ended Hose Connectors Female × Female, Hexagon Coupling 316 Precision Instrumentation Pipe Fittings Fuel Pipe Connectors Flared Hose Adapters Flare Nuts Flanged and Exhaust Nuts Fuel Pipe Connectors and Elbows Gradual Ferrule (Brass) Hose Ferrules (Brass) Hose Ferrules (Metal) Internal Flared Hose Adapters Hydraulic Tube, Weld Union, Connector Hose Tee Connectors (Hosetail) Hose Fitting Caps (Brass) Male x Female Extended Hydraulic Adapter Metal Reduction Pipe Adapters R" - NPT" Hose Adapter Tipper Coupling Female Socket Sheet Iron Sleeves

Pipe and tube fittings - ferrous metal
  • Ball and socket joint removal tool
  • brakes
  • hose nozzles

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