In terms of revenues, the automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors in the world. PCBs can be found in entertainment systems, digital screens, radars, GPS systems, surveillance mirrors, engine control units, lamps, etc. With an extensive range of PCBs, Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. has been involved in the automotive industry for a number of years. Manufacturing standards and quality are extremely important for this sector and it is undoubtedly essential to move forward and develop every day in order to meet the increasingly complex demands of the automotive industry. Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. has always been our trustworthy partner that brought our ideas to life. We take the manufacturing quality very seriously, which allows our products to meet the highest standards and makes them the best on the market. REC d.o.o. Hidria d.o.o. has been working together with Tiskana vezja Luznar d.o.o. for many years. We buy samples of printed devices for new...


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