Autonomous powder fire extinguishing devices

FinFire «Tab»


FINFIRE is new generation fire extinguishers. FINFIRE "TAB" - autonomous powder fire extinguishing device to extinguish without human intervention fires of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, as well as electrical equipment under voltage: A, B, C, E classes. FINFIRE "TAB” is used in warehouse, technological, household premises, garages, apartments, shops, vehicles, and other places. Used as portable fire extinguishers or in addition to them. Extremely simplified design does not require special skills and great physical effort which helps to significantly save time in critical situations. The devices consist of a polystyrene body filled with fire extinguishing powder. Fire-conducting cords run along the edges of the body. The cords will activate the device upon contact with fire. Within 10 seconds after triggering, a pop is heard (additional warning signal). At the same time, the housing ruptures and the extinguishing powder is ejected.

  • Fire protection equipment
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Autonomous
  • fire protection measures

Product characteristics

Extinguishing volume
up to 2.5 м3
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment
Up to 1 000V
Temperature range
From -50°C up to +90°C
Type of extinguishing agent
Fire extinguishing powder FinFire ABCE
Range of devices
Main advantages
Autonomous and manual operation mode of the device; Easy to use
Main advantages
Environmentally friendly, not contain toxic substances; Shelf life 10 years
Main advantages
High reaction speed to the occurrence of fire; Maintenance-free
Main advantages
Noise alert, when triggered
Area of using of the device
Warehouse, technological, household premises, garages, apartments, shops, vehicles, checkpoints
Area of using of the device
Power plants, railway transport, electric transport, television and radio equipment



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