Aviation and aerospace industries


Aviation and aerospace industries require PCBs that provide excellent performance under extreme conditions. Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. offers printed circuit boards with superior design and performance oriented features for aerospace and aviation applications. Our PCBs are made from a wide range of materials and composites for effective performance in the highly demanding aviation and aerospace industries. Tiskana vezja Luznar, a supplier that follows all of your needs and helps you on the road to development. PIPISTREL d.o.o. With its long tradition and regular quality assurance, Luznar d.o.o. has been supplying hi-tech PCBs for different market segments, but primarily for aerospace applications, and provides support from the prototype to the final product. By offering faster delivery periods for prototypes, it ensures a shorter “time-to-market”, which is nowadays essential for the field of electronic components. Skylabs d.o.o.

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