Axial ball bearings DLG100

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Material Schulz Stanztechnik manufacturers these axial ball bearings using the materials suited to the specific application. For the housing, steel, brass or stainless steel are used; for rings, steel or stainless steel which is always hardened. The balls are made of chrome or stainless steel, which is also always hardened. All material combinations – depending on their conditions of use – are possible for the assembly of the individual parts. Various surface coats for the individual parts can be supplied as well as finished bearings: brass which is uncoated or nickel plated; steel and stainless steel which is uncoated, zinc plated or nickel plated. All bearings are available lubricated or unlubricated. Structure DLG100 axial ball bearings consist of sheet metal housing, two hardened rings as well as hardened precision balls. Due to their structure, we refer to them as an encapsulated, full ball design.

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