B4/GT three-phase gear motor



without protection switch Reliable and persistant three-phase gear motor for pumping thin-bodied to slightly viscous liquids in plant construction and stationary use. Robust and durable Especially smooth and quiet operation Easy to service 230/400V, 50 Hz, 750W, protection class IP 54 energy efficiency category IE 3 in accordance with EU Regulations 640/2009 and 04/2014 Special versions (voltage, frequency, protection class, etc.) possible The B4/GT has a proven record of success in plant constructions and as a drum pump drive. The perfect system for thin-bodied to slightly viscous liquids. These "undemanding" partners hardly ever show signs of wear. The ideal solution for long periods of operation. Absolutely undemanding The flange mounted single-stage gear is oil-lubricated and extremely easy to maintain. Type of drive: Electric Explosion Protection: not explosion-proof

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