BABY - From 1 year

Play equipment for nurseries, schools and kindergartens


Created in collaboration with playground professionals, the BABY range is particularly recommended for nurseries, kindergartens and pre-schools. These play structures offer fun activities adapted to the world of toddlers from 1 to 6 years old and to their psychomotricity. Small slides, inclined climbing walls, nets and tunnels allow very young children to discover the extent of their physical abilities. The themes and the rounded, colourful design are perfectly suited to this age group and leave plenty of room for children's imagination. The BABY range is scalable and fully modular. The slide with a maximum drop height of 60 cm is available in two versions, Starboard® or stainless steel.

Amusements and attractions
  • outdoor playground
  • amusement park furniture
  • Manufacturer of outdoor educational games

Product features

Posts Stainless steel box posts and/or hexagonal aluminium posts - thickness 4 mm
HPL panels Exterior quality - thickness 13 mm, anti-UV and anti-graffiti treatment
screws Single diameter stainless steel screws (10 mm), anti-theft and anti-vandalism
Rope 6-strand steel reinforced rope net
Connections and thimbles QUALI-Cité® design Polyamide
Slide stainless steel or Starboard®.
Free fall height max 0,60 m

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