Antiseptic for healthy skin with pump, for hand disinfection


Composition: Chlorhexidine 0.5%, Ethanol 70% Antiseptic for healthy skin with dispenser, for the disinfection of the skin and hands by friction. VIRUCIDE Complies with the UNE-EN 14476 Standard, against all enveloped viruses (INCLUDING CORONAVIRUS) BACTERICIDE: COMPLIES WITH THE STANDARDS UNE -EN 1276 and UNE-EN 12791 due to its high concentration of alcohols and its composition based on chlorhexidine. LEVURICIDE: COMPLIES WITH THE UNE-EN 13624 STANDARD HYGIENIC TREATMENT OF HANDS: COMPLIES WITH THE UNE-EN 1500 STANDARD Suitable for rubbing the surgical antisepsis of the hands of healthcare personnel and for the hygienic washing of patients, healthcare personnel and personnel in general. ADVANTAGE Product registered in the AEMPS: 633-DES Virucidal according to the UNE-EN 14776 standard that certifies its effectiveness against CORONAVIRUS Bactericide according to Standard UNE -EN 1500 and UNE-EN 12791 Levuricide according to Standard UNE-EN 13624

Disinfection and sterilisation services
  • Skin-care products
  • Disinfectants
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