vacuum lifting devices - entirely without electical power Sheet metal • Boxes • Concrete • Case • Barrels • Bucket • Plastic • Cutting The -BASIC-LIFT- vacuum lifting device is designed exclusively for lifting and transporting airtight, flat and clean materials. Without battery or inconvenient power cables and thus purely mechanical, it is absolutely independent. But yet this type can lift loads of 1,200 kg and above. Functionality and characteristics The tried and tested modular AERO-LIFT system can be flexibly adapted to the job to be done and also used for very low loads. To ensure a long service life, all suction plates and sealing lips are made of high-duty perbunan. Its saftey is additionally guaranteed by vacuum gauge and a battery-operated warning device (the only electrical components of the lifter) and meets the requirement of the EU norm EN 13155. Handling is extremely easy. Every time the lifter is put down it automatically switches from „Suction“ to...


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